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Track Listing

  • 1. Not This Time
  • Not this time - This opening track of the album has a latino feel, which originated from the fast rhythm guitar part that I played on it. Jane Lane added an excellent Cuban piano at the start and Julian Jackson, the violin wunderkind, played the solo in the middle. Needless to say, it was one of the trickiest tracks to record.

  • 2. Tonic
  • Tonic - Mike Pratt Tonic - Producer Philip Lane really liked the slightly-funky "Eighth Wonder" (see later) when I presented it at the studio for this album, so without telling him I decided to go away and write another such track for the album, so people would not be disappointed to find only one track of that genre. Tonic was the result. Phil dug up a whole bunch of really funk…

  • 3. Where I Stand
  • Where I Stand - The album's title track. I wanted to include a couple of rockier tracks on the album and this is one of them. Mark Warden contributes the "Rock God" guitar solo-ing towards the end.

  • 4. By My Side
  • By My Side - This is a real "feel-good" track. Producer Phil gave it the feel of a bar-room band, with Jane on the honky-tonk piano. Just for fun.

  • 5. Eighth Wonder
  • Eighth Wonder - This is the album's single, as it were. I always join a group of friends who meet in a different city each New Year. One particular year I didn't fancy the destination and didn't join, remaining at home. During that time off, I wrote Eighth Wonder. This is possibly my most favourite track on the album both in respect of music and lyric, so as it happens, I'm glad I didn't travel that year.

  • 6. (Don't Go Down to) Jackson
  • (Don't Go Down To) Jackson - nothing to do with the Johnny Cash Song. I was travelling with my brother over-seas on a road trip. There was a small turning off the road to "Jackson - 70 km". My brother commented as we passed that it was best not to go down there, given that it was a long way along a single track road, or something to that effect. Anyway, that was the germ for this Wilburys-flavoured song.

  • 7. San Pedro
  • San Pedro - is where this album's journey started. It was the first track we recorded because I really wanted to hear how a proper studio (non-demo) version would sound. Following a family birthday party where I played/sang other people's summer records, I decided to write a "summery" holiday song of my own, and this was the result. It's actually about two different places.

  • 8. Where Are You Now?
  • Where Are You Now? - I wrote this on a one week beach holiday. I had my travel guitar with me. Everytime I went back to the room, I came up with a bit more. I returned from the holiday with a sun tan and a completed song. I'm amazed I had the motivation to do anything. Tony Skeggs plays the nice jazzy solo on this track.

  • 9. In My Arms
  • In My Arms - This actually started as an exercise in writing a song with slightly more complex chord structures, after I had taken some lessons in guitar and music theory. It's deliberately quite cut-down and sparse compared with other tracks on the album and doing the backing vocals was really good fun.

  • 10.Juliette
  • Juliette - This is the oldest track on the album, and also the longest at 5 minutes. I wrote it about someone I really liked but nothing came of it, other than this song! Producer Phil really went to town with a late sixties feel on this track, and he and Tony did a nice double solo instrumental in the middle, if that makes any sense!

  • 11.Pepper's Theme
  • Pepper's theme - I wanted to include an instrumental, to be a wind-down theme at the end of the album, to follow Juliet. I was considering a Bert Kaempfert-style track as my father had been a big fan. I had no idea what particular instrument would play the lead/melody when I brought it into the studio, but Producer Phil gave this a Lee Marvin / Shadows-type sound, and it came out really well.

  • 12.Feeling Festive
  • Feeling Festive - this is included on the album as a bonus track. My mother requested I write a Christmas song. How to do something original when this song subject has been attempted by many before? One thing I decided was, don't actually mention the word Christmas, or any of the associated cliches. My brother helped with the lyrics. Producer Phil came up with the amazing idea of using a "Chris Montez - Let's Dance" style organ for the lead instrumental part.

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The Track Listing



Where I Stand CD album + postage


Mike Pratt - Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, production assistance.


Phil Lane - (Lane and Lane)- All programming and keyboards, electric guitar on "Not This Time"


Jane Lane (Lane and Lane) - Keyboards on "By My Side" and "Not This Time"


Tony Skeggs - Lead and rhythm guitars on "San Pedro", "Jackson", "By My Side", "Juliette", "Where Are You Now?"

Mark Warden - Lead guitar on "Eighth Wonder" and "Where I Stand".


Jamie Terrill - Acoustic rhythm guitar on "Pepper's Theme".


Kerri- Anne Collins - Backing vocals on "Tonic" and "Eighth Wonder".

Jenny Lane - Backing Vocals on "Feeling Festive".


Cover and website photography - Nick Tynan.


Studio Photos - Philip Lane

Website Design - Megaviz.


Recorded at the Beehouse Studios Llanfyllin, Wales

Produced by Philip Lane for Lane and Lane Productions

Released on Noochoon Record Label.